Balmain Submain, Rozelle Bore Shaft install

The first stage of the Balmain submain being rehabilitated passes under residential properties in Rozelle. The old 990 x 660 brick oviform pipe was originally constructed by hand, using both tunnel and open cut methods and is now in need of rehabilitation. The rehabilitation works involve inserting a resin impregnated felt continuous liner within the old host pipe and curing new the liner with water.
To improve access to the pipeline and facilitate double isolation, both for future maintenance and for Abergeldie’s equipment being used to launch and cure the new liner, Abergeldie is working with MGI Piling to construct a steel encased bore shaft of DN1500. The new shaft is being sunk through mixed soil strata to a depth of 6 meters, passing between several buried service lines for telecommunications and water which must be located accurately and protected.

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