Luggage Point STP Bioreactor Refurbishment Works

Queensland Urban Utilities has initiated a project to carry out extensive refurbishment and upgrade works at Luggage Point Sewage Treatment plant. Abergeldie has been engaged for the design and construction of replacement diffusers and refurbishment of the aeration system.

This complex, long-term, staged program will take each of the six bioreactors off line for refurbishment one at a time to maintain continuous operation of the plant. The scope in each tank comprises replacement of fine and coarse bubble diffusers, new aeration grids, and grit blasting and recoating of aeration lines. Systems are being set up on each tank to monitor deflection of the concrete tank walls to ensure worker safety during internal confined space works. The existing isolation devices are also being replaced along with new secondary isolation provision. The program is planned and executed in close cooperation with the Queensland Urban Utilities’ plant operations team.


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