CEO Sleepout 2020

CEO Sleepout 18 June 2020


Just one more sleep until Abergeldie Founder and Managing Director, Michael “Mick” Boyle will once again participate in the CEO Sleepout by spending one eye-opening night sleeping out to help break the cycle of homelessness in Australia. This will be the ninth-year Mick is participating in the charitable cause, dating back to 2009.

Each year, hundreds of thousand Australians experience homelessness, many of whom are considered the ‘hidden homeless’ who aren’t necessarily sleeping on the street but are getting by any way they can by squatting, sleeping on friends’ sofas or other temporary solutions. These confronting statistics are exactly what Vinnies CEO Sleepout is working to combat by encouraging CEOs and Managing Directors of small and large organisations to use their voice and influence to help raise funds. Since its inaugural year in 2006, the CEO Sleepout has helped provided essential services to tens of thousands of Australians, but there is still more we can do.

Every Little Helps

As little as $55 will help feed a family for a day while $505 can help provide emergency accommodation for a family in crisis. Since 2006, the CEO Sleepout has raised millions of dollars for the cause and have been able to help tens of thousands of Australians. The funds will be distributed throughout the year to help the homeless and hidden homeless.

We are delighted to announce that Mick has successfully exceeded his target of $60,000 by over $6,000 and counting. To date, his funds has helped provide:

  • 211 Individual support programs
  • 554 Beds
  • 2218 Meals

There is still time to donate and show your support by heading to Mick’s donation page via this link. To help break the cycle of homelessness, he needs your support.

Mick Boyle participating in the CEO Sleepout throughout the years

Mick Boyle participating in the CEO Sleepout throughout the years

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