Stormwater Rehabilitation Program


Gold Coast City Council owns and maintains a stormwater network with over 2,500 kilometres of pipe, pits and associated structures. The City’s annual stormwater network rehabilitation program extends the operational life of important assets that ensures public safety and amenity and continues to protect the environment.

Gold Coast has a thriving and diverse local community of over 600,000 and an ever-present tourist population, situated along miles and miles of pristine coastal environment. It’s easy to see why City of Gold Coast approaches stormwater rehabilitation with their customers and the environment as primary considerations.


In support of Gold Coast City Council’s proactive approach to stormwater rehabilitation, Abergeldie has been delivering the city’s annual program since 2015, building on a strong existing relationship.

Abergeldie brings the benefits of experience and reliability in delivering a comprehensive suite of trenchless technologies to meet the challenges unique to Gold Coast’s stormwater network. To rehabilitate assets ranging from 300mm to 1500mm in diameter located at various challenging locations, we draw on our in-house expertise to customise a cost-effective solution for every individual situation.


Through the use of trenchless technology, Gold Coast’s residents, businesses, and visitors have seen their stormwater network renewed without the inconvenience and obtrusive interruption that typically comes with conventional replacement methods.

Closely collaborating with the council and its stakeholders, Abergeldie has meticulously planned and delivered rehabilitation works, leaving a positive legacy associated with City of Gold Coast.

“The City of Gold Coast undertakes annual Stormwater relining works as part of their ongoing Asset Management program. Over the past 6 years Abergeldie have played a major role in the rehabilitation of the city’s failing stormwater drainage systems, during this time both Abergeldie’s relining experts and the city’s drainage technical officers have come to understanding of the requirements needed to successfully undertake the required reline works within the city’s challenging tidal environment, the support and product knowledge from both teams has ensured the best fit liner is used to suit the situation which isn’t always the cheapest method. It’s good to know that Abergeldie will always work with their client to ensure the best and most practical reline outcome is achieved.” – John Stehmann, Technical Officer, Gold Coast City Council.


The cornerstone solution for City of Gold Coast’s rehabilitation program has been Abergeldie’s Enviroliner CIPP. CIPP is fundamentally a felt tube, impregnated with a thermo-setting resin. The tube is installed into the deteriorated pipe by a process called “inversion”, typically using pressurised air or water. Once installed, the tube is cured with heat, typically steam, sometimes water. The end result is essentially a new pipe-within-a-pipe that extends the life and serviceability of the asset for at least several decades.

A complete relined storm water pipe

Stormwater Rehabilitation Program, completed stormwater pipe 2020

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