Parramatta Boardwalk Project Update

“The escarpment boardwalk is a very complex project with significant challenges that the project team has been consistently addressing to meet the council’s expectations. [Abergeldie is] collaborating with the council’s project management team to deliver a high-quality outcome.” – Parramatta City Council

Abergeldie and Parramatta City Council are working together to deliver the Parramatta River Boardwalk, a river-level escarpment boardwalk along the river. Located opposite of the Parramatta River Wharf, the three-metre wide boardwalk will provide a much-needed link to Parramatta Valley Cycleway, connecting Parramatta Park to Melrose Park through completely off-road facilities.

A crane lowering a concrete beam onto the Paramatta boardwalk


Through our mission to build better communities, we keep the local community at the forefront of our delivery strategy. The Parramatta River Boardwalk construction is being completed in close proximity to residential areas and a local public school; keeping disruptions to a minimum is pivotal to ensure a successful delivery.

Abergeldie is collaborating with the council to ensure disruptions are kept to a minimum by offering in-house traffic controllers to divert traffic and pedestrians, keeping parking spots open for those who need it and keeping the council up to date with anything that might impact the local community.

Abergeldie is also making sure that possible disruptions are monitored closely by the site team, and that each complaint or issue is investigated and directly dealt with a member of the management team. In this way, we are able to work alongside the council and its stakeholders to ensure that the project is delivered with the local community in mind.

The continued interest and support from the local community is a testament to how the Parramatta Boardwalk will be an important piece of infrastructure needed to build a better community.

A supervisor walking on the site of the Parramatta boardwalk

Richard Fuller, Supervisor


Some of the works is being undertaken close to residential apartment blocks at the top of the escarpment. Although some noise and vibration are unavoidable, the team is monitoring the impact closely using specialist equipment making sure that noise and vibration are kept to an acceptable level. Strict construction hours between 7am and 5pm ensures that noise is restricted to normal workhours, eliminating night and early morning disruptions.


There are a number of Turpentine trees in the area that are of heritage significance for the Parramatta community. To ensure that the trees remain unharmed, we have installed protection fencing and signage which will remain for the duration of the works. In addition, all works in close proximity to the trees is completed without the use of heavy machinery to maintain the integrity of the ageing roots.

Our project risk assessment and environmental aspect and impact registers take into consideration hazards and controls associated with working in and around environmentally sensitive areas.


Since the majority of construction is being completed above water, a flood event management plan was developed in the early stages of the project. We have been well prepared and continue to monitor weather forecasts to ensure we are always one step ahead. When a lot of rainfall is expected, all loose material is moved to higher ground as is all plant and machinery while the formwork is strapped down to secure it. The team has also quite effectively used concrete blocks to divert any flood water to minimise possible impacts to the construction site and surrounding areas.

To date, the team has experienced three (3) flood events but due to careful planning these events have resulted in zero environmental incidents. This is a testament to the team’s ability to work together to find the best possible solutions to mitigate possible environmental impacts.

The Parramatta River during a recent flood event

Parramatta River during a recent flood event


Some are calling the project the ‘revitalisation of Parramatta Quay’, naming the soon-to-be Parramatta River Boardwalk a ‘feature’ that will complete the local community. Upon completion, all pedestrians and cyclists will be able to walk or ride to work from Parramatta CBD to Melrose Park, without stepping foot on the road. The project is part of the ongoing improvements to Parramatta and is expected to be completed in the new year.

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