Abergeldie Energy Providing the Innovation Needed to Help Build a Carbon Neutral Community

Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure announces that after several years of research and development it has established a renewable energy division, Abergeldie Energy.

Abergeldie is an innovative civil infrastructure contractor operating on the east coast of Australia and in New Zealand with over 25 years of experience in providing the complex infrastructure needed to build better communities.

Abergeldie has a world leading shaft sinking capability and has designed and built three (3) of the largest blind boring rigs in the world which are capable of drilling shafts at over 6m diameter to depths of over 500m. The Abergeldie blind boring shaft construction method has been developed over the last 20 years to provide ventilation shafts, mainly for coal mines, and it is the world’s safest large diameter shaft sinking method. Our research team has been working on two (2) key alternative uses for this technology to aid the transition to a carbon neutral economy.

Underground Hydrogen Storage using the Abergeldie blind boring method is one of the developed adaptions. Abergeldie Energy www.abergeldie.com, together with ITP Thermal www.itpthermal.com, have established Ardent Underground Pty Ltd to provide economical and safe underground hydrogen gas storage tanks. Economical hydrogen storage is the missing link in the carbon neutral future promised by the green hydrogen transition. Ardent Underground uses the Abergeldie blind boring methods to provide the missing link. Visit www.ardentunderground.com for further information on Underground Hydrogen Storage.

Renewable Energy Storage and grid stabilisation using the Abergeldie regenerative shaft energy storage system is the second adaption. This system provides large scale energy storage and grid stabilisation capacity based around lifting and dropping heavy weights suspended in deep shafts drilled using the Abergeldie blind boring method. This combined with renewable energy generation through solar and wind allows the transition to reliable carbon neutral base load power for all.

Abergeldie provides the complex infrastructure required to build better communities, and for our future generations there is nothing more important than developing a carbon neutral economy. Abergeldie Energy is adapting our world leading Abergeldie methods and innovations for that purpose.

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About Abergeldie

Abergeldie is a civil engineering contractor with over 25 years’ experience providing services in the utilities, energy and infrastructure sectors: the complex infrastructure needed to build better communities.

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