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Abergeldie is committed to building better communities. As a leading Sydney construction company, we provide the infrastructure necessary to the proper functioning of a modern community—everything from bridges to dams and roads. And our community focus extends to our social outreach initiatives. Abergeldie employees participate in numerous community focused fundraising events throughout the year and we support various charitable causes.

Currently, Abergeldie is actively working on projects in the ACT, Queensland and New South Wales that serve the respective communities in very different ways.

Gungahlin Bus Facilities Upgrade

ACT Shared Services Procurement tasked Abergeldie with upgrading a bus interchange in the popular suburb in Canberra’s north. As the busiest commercial and residential hub north of Canberra, Gungahlin deals with a lot of bus traffic and needed an interchange that would cope with the increased frequency of bus traffic and a growing population.

Abergeldie performed a range of construction services as part of the upgrade works. Road realignment, sewer and drainage works, bus bay construction, general earthworks, water mains works as well as paving and landscaping works were required to deliver an interchange that would best serve the people of Gungahlin.

Sydney 500 V8 Supercar Track

In 2010 Integrated Event Delivery Management awarded Abergeldie a 5-year contract to section off the Sydney 500 track at Sydney’s Olympic Park. Every December Abergeldie performs a host of construction and civil engineering services to ensure that the track is race ready and spectator friendly come race day.

Abergeldie installs temporary bridges, barriers and fences around the circuit and makes modifications to the roads to ensure a race ready track surface. When the event wraps, all temporary track infrastructure is removed in a timely fashion and Sydney Olympic Park is returned to its original state.

One Mile Bridge Ipswich

Ipswich City Council recently tasked Abergeldie with reconstructing the southern approach to the bridge that provides a critical link to the Ipswich central business district. The project commenced in October and is due to run through to February 2014.

Abergeldie will deliver a range of civil works for Ipswich City Council in order to get the bridge fully operational within the agreed timeframe. Our Queensland civil engineering team will oversee the removal of flood debris as well as the regarding of the embankment batters, the installation of rock mattresses and plastream pipe sections and the replacement of rock-pitching to the abutment. The agreed to works also include slab and culvert works, the installation of storm water culverts and guardrail and footpath installation.

Overall, Abergeldie is working on a range of civil construction projects that will contribute to the betterment of the Gungahlin, Sydney and Ipswich communities.

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Abergeldie is a civil engineering contractor with over 25 years’ experience providing services in the utilities, energy and infrastructure sectors: the complex infrastructure needed to build better communities.

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